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Man impersonating officer arrested in speeding stop

EASTON : Maryland State Police say a Baltimore man was arrested in Easton on Christmas Day for impersonating a police officer. Police say Bradford Thomson, 41, flashed a gold Loyola College special police officer badge when he was stopped by a trooper for speeding. When the trooper asked to a see a photo police ID, police said Thomson didn't have one. Loyola College then informed the state police that Thomson had been dismissed from his job as a special police officer and should have turned in the badge.

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Boy, mother are found decade after fleeing U.S.

HAGERSTOWN: A Hagerstown boy whose mother took him to Mexico 10 years ago amid a custody dispute has been returned to the United States and is refusing to see his father. Houston Child Protective Services spokeswoman Estella Olguin said yesterday that the boy's father, Donald Wiswell, went to Houston in hopes of being reunited with his 14-year-old son but that the boy, Joseph Kennedy, refused to go with him. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say Tamara Kennedy took Joseph to Mexico in 1998, shortly before Wiswell was to be given sole custody of the boy. Tamara and Joseph Kennedy were found when they tried to renew their passports at the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara. They were flown Wednesday to Houston, where Tamara Kennedy was arrested. Olguin said the boy will remain in foster care until a custody hearing Monday.

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Police start patrols of Easton recreational trail

EASTON: Easton police have started patrolling a recreational trail where a woman reported that she was raped this month. Lt. Greg Wright said a patrol officer either rides a bike or walks along the trail at least twice per shift. The goal is to create a greater police presence to curb crime on the trail. Area residents have complained that the trail is full of crime, drugs and garbage. This summer, police investigated at least three incidents in which men were attacked and robbed, and some cases of attempted kidnapping. No one has been charged in those incidents. Paul Duffy, 20, of Easton is being held in the rape case. Authorities said the victim identified him from a photo lineup.

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Oakland man charged with sex offenses against girl

OAKLAND: The Garrett County sheriff's office says an Oakland man has been arrested after a five-month investigation revealed that he had sexual contact with a girl at a photography studio in his house in July. Sheriff's deputies say James Crabtree, 55, took partially nude photographs of an underage girl and had inappropriate sexual contact with her. Police seized computers and photography equipment from Crabtree's home yesterday when he was arrested. Detectives said they seized suspected child pornography and evidence tied to the investigation. Crabtree is being held on charges of sexual offenses, assault, sexual solicitation of a minor, exploitation and possession of child pornography.

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Frederick dealer supplies cycles for inauguration

FREDERICK: The Frederick Harley-Davidson dealer has delivered 12 specially equipped motorcycles to police in Washington for use during Barack Obama's inauguration parade. The motorcycles were delivered yesterday morning on two flatbed trucks. This is the fifth inauguration that the dealership has been the successful bidder to supply the motorcycles with sidecars for the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. Fully equipped, the bikes cost $35,000.

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