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Selection of Warren is disrespectful to gays

The reason so many gay and lesbian Americans are absolutely outraged over President-elect Barack Obama's choice of Pastor Rick Warren to lead the inaugural invocation is very simple: Pastor Warren has compared the marriage of two same-sex adults to incest and pedophilia ("Obama defends choice of conservative pastor," Dec. 19).

Unfortunately, in many TV and newspaper reports since this story has broken, this critical fact has been left out.

And indeed, those of us who are irate and sickened by Mr. Warren's selection are often being described as whiny and being told we need to get over it.

Mr. Obama says he wants to bring together people with divergent opinions - and that's a completely respectable goal.

So will I see a Klansman and an anti-Semite also on Mr. Obama's inaugural agenda?

In the eyes of the gay and lesbian community, that is just the kind of person Mr. Obama has invited to give the invocation to kick off his presidency.

I hope this helps people to understand why Mr. Obama's choice is so shocking and completely disrespectful.

Just think of all the gay and lesbian Americans and supporters who voted for Mr. Obama, and this is the thanks we get?

It's unconscionable.

Katie McCabe, Baltimore

Others more deserving of U.S. Senate seat

Ever since Caroline Kennedy's name came up as a potential candidate to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, I have been wondering why there hasn't been a flood of questions from the print and electronic media regarding her lack of experience, as there were for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has tons more political and government experience than Ms. Kennedy does, when she became a candidate for vice president ("Senator Caroline Kennedy?" editorial, Dec. 19).

The mere fact that her name is "Kennedy" should not make her the first choice. There are many experienced people who have paid their dues with time and effort and deserve to get the Senate nod ahead of Ms. Kennedy.

But by announcing her desire to be a senator, she has placed the governor of New York in a very bad position.

Roy Ruhe, Columbia

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