Passing glances get full coverage

Still not convinced the television talking heads are running out of topics to fill the hours devoted to the NFL? Mr. Flip offers this example, then:

Last week on ESPN2's First Take, commentators Skip Bayless and Jemele Hill presented their lists of the league's top five best-looking quarterbacks. There is probably some context to this, but Mr. Flip doesn't care.


Oh, and you probably want their lists.

Bayless: 1. Brady Quinn (Cleveland Browns), 2. Brett Favre (New York Jets), 3. Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys), 4. Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals), 5. Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia Eagles). Hill: 1. Tom Brady (New England Patriots), 2. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers), 3. Kyle Boller (Ravens, sort of), 4. David Carr (New York Giants), 5. Romo.


Sure, but how do those guys look with bags on their heads?

St. Louis blues

Matt Vasgersian apparently doesn't enjoy all of his NFL assignments for Fox. In particular, he's not much of a fan of doing play-by-play from Rams games in St. Louis' Edward Jones Dome.

"That building's pretty dreary, man," he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "That's a little more trouble than having them on the road, because the building stinks, and there's just no energy in there. That's one of those things you look at and go, 'Oh, man, are we the Z crew?' "

Maybe not, but those games definitely could leave the audience catching up on some z's.

Orange you going?

You want to snap up some Orange Bowl tickets? Better get some money together. But don't worry, no need to go to the ATM.

Just check between the cushions of your couch.


At the StubHub Web site, tickets were going for all of $10 to watch Cincinnati and Virginia Tech.

But we don't need a college football playoff because the bowl system works so well.

Not at Becks' call

Victoria Beckham apparently believes in freedom from the press - when the member of the press in question is really hot.

The former Posh Spice and wife of soccer celebrity David Beckham - who has just joined Italy's AC Milan team - reportedly put her high-heeled foot down in nixing a planned interview between Becks and Italian TV journalist Ilaria D'Amico.

Victoria "researched Ilaria on the Internet," London's Daily Mail reported, and decided D'Amico could talk to her husband in a group news conference with everyone else - not one-on-one.


In the interest of solid reporting (at least, that's what he told Mrs. Flip), Mr. Flip also "researched Ilaria on the Internet" and would like to volunteer to be interviewed. Preferably poolside.

Compiled from Sun news service and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who also would consent to an interview with D'Amico conducted in a sauna.