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YVETTE MIKULSKI 39, passed away Friday, Dec 12, 2008, at 1:42 A.M. at Union Memorial Hospital . Yvette was born on July 13, 1969. In her final moments Yvette was surrounded by the people who loved her. She was raised in Hampden and spent all of her life amongst her many friends. Here she also took care of her mom Yvonne Mikulski and grandmom Sarah Solomon until they both passed away. Yvette was a great person with a heart of gold. Yvette was loved by many friends and family. She is survived by her brother Tim Mikulski of Arizona , her Uncle Albert Solomon of Florida , her cousins Nina Friel of New Jersey , David Solomon of Florida , and Laura Dieter of Pennsylvania . Yvette was a great sister and friend and will be missed by all. Any condolences can be sent to: tim.mikulski yahoo.com

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