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Want some tips on how to "do" business casual? Just ask 45-year-old Darryl Hogge. The Humana insurance account executive says he has a formula: jeans and a blazer. He says he doesn't pay much attention to fashion, and hates to shop. But, as the Bristow, Va., resident waits to meet some colleagues for a business lunch at Corks Restaurant, it's obvious there's a little something more going on than jeans and a blazer. It reflects a life philosophy for this workout fiend. "The way you dress is how you take care of yourself."

Self-described style: : "Classic. All American."

The look: : Mock turtleneck Polo golf shirt. Black wool Jones New York blazer. Ralph Lauren relaxed-fit jeans. Timberland lug sole oxfords. Tag Heuer watch. Black leather belt.

Where it came from: : The blazer, shirt and jeans all came from Macy's. He can't remember where the shoes and belt were purchased. And he found his watch at Costco 15 years ago.

His dress is another part of the job:: "Because I'm in sales, I'm presenting. And part of presenting is first impressions; how you look, how you present yourself. So, I look at it as a package. ... The way I dress is my uniform. That's the way I look at it with my suits. Today was casual. Jeans and a blazer is my business casual uniform."

This guy would rather drop than shop: : "I don't like to shop at all. I shop, maybe, four times a year. I go get what I need. I need shoes, I go get the shoes. I need a belt. I go get the belt. I'd rather be tortured than stroll through a mall. I definitely don't shop."

Where he goes: : "I go to Macy's for a lot of things. I get my suits on sale at Macy's. I try not to pay full price, I try to shop selectively. ... I will go to discount places like Marshall's or TJ Maxx sometimes."

How he dresses off the job: : "What I'm wearing this time of year - jeans, sweaters and blazers. I only wear a workout suit when I'm working out. But if I'm running errands, I'm wearing turtlenecks, blazers and jeans."

Why always looking good matters:: "The funny thing is, I was a fat kid until I hit puberty. You get teased and you outgrow it. I started playing sports around [age] 13 and 14. And I got obsessed with taking care of myself. ... You never forget going to the 8th-grade dance and not getting a date."

Classic is as classic does: : "You're not going to see me in a baggy sweater; not a baggy anything. I don't get caught up in fads. Like those rubber clogs, Crocs; stuff like that I stay away from. And I don't like my sons [5 and 8] wearing them. I don't like to follow the herd."

His style is his legacy: : "I make sure my kids dress well and are not sloppy; that their clothes match well, and they're neatly groomed."

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