Shattuck's 'Secret' life

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore's Molly Shattuck says she "despises" the title of the Fox reality series in which she is featured tonight - Secret Millionaire - but "loves" the show.

Shattuck, wife of Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck, goes "undercover" for a week as a worker in a hair salon and a waitress in a restaurant in an eastern Pennsylvania mining town hit hard by the tough economic times. Read my interview with her about her experiences on Secret Millionaire at my Z on TV blog. (10 p.m., WBFF-Channel 45).

Let Us Not Praise This One: CNBC just can't seem to stop kissing up to the business establishment - no matter how bad the economy gets.

Tonight at 10, the cable channel premieres The Money Chase: Inside Harvard Business School, a so-called documentary on the famous place that educated many of the investment whizzes of Wall Street who have brought the American economy to its knees.

It is a shameless celebration of the school, rather than a much-needed exploration of how so many of its best and brightest graduates have turned out to be so bad and clueless at this troubled time in our national life. (10 p.m., CNBC) * 1/2

Late-Night Guests: Actress Jennifer Anniston visits the Late Show with David Letterman. Actor Kenneth Branagh visits The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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