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'53 plane crash killed 1

The Baltimore Sun

On Dec. 9, 1953, an experimental jet plane, a B-57 jet by some reports, carrying a pilot and a co-pilot from the Glenn L. Martin plant at Middle River, exploded in midair about a mile above Bel Air. The wreckage was strewn for miles over the countryside around what is now Churchville Road and the John Carroll School. The plane's burning fuselage was projected over the Homestead property of John D. Worthington and landed in a cornfield on the farm of Dr. M.R. Wagner. One man died and another was seriously injured. A commercial airliner was flying near the scene and circled the wreckage until military officials arrived. The Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company called it the most spectacular incident in its history. Because sections of the plane were scattered around, a real danger of fire from the jet fuel existed, and fire engines were positioned around Bel Air.

Source: The Aegis, Dec. 10, 1953.

Compiled by Harford County Public Library staff

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