City schools chief of staff resigns, leaving Dec. 31

The Baltimore Sun

The retired Army officer who has been chief of staff to Baltimore schools chief Andres Alonso has resigned. Maj. Gen. Bennie Williams is leaving Dec. 31 "to pursue personal interests," according to a statement yesterday.

Spokeswoman Edie House described Williams as a "quiet but effective" leader whose military experience brought organizational structure to city schools. House said he helped implement decentralized school funding and oversaw back-to-school logistics.

"It's hard to find people with his integrity and dedication," said Alonso, who hired Williams in the summer of 2007.

A graduate of Frederick Douglass High School, Williams joined the Army in 1972 after earning a degree in education from what is now Morgan State University.

"In City Schools I saw a great opportunity to give back to my community, and I've done that," Williams said in the statement.

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