It's a shameful deal

The Baltimore Sun

What could be more disturbing than to see M&T; Bank Stadium, a place that should be a purple purgatory for visiting football teams, speckled with fluttering yellow Terrible Towels?

Did I say disturbing? I meant disgusting.

And yet, we have seen it far too often. Pittsburgh Steelers fans, rabid as any in the NFL, troll the Internet snapping up loose tickets to away games, and road trips to Baltimore are especially targeted.

When those tickets come from brokers who own the season tickets, it might be understandable that a few stray Ravens ducats wind up in Steelers hands. But what is unconscionable is when Ravens fans put up their own tickets for resale without regard to who winds up in the seats.

We all realize these are dire economic times. And it's a time of year when money is tight for many, so that heightens the temptation to traffic with the free-spending enemy.

But, folks, selling Ravens tickets to Steelers fans - especially for this game, perhaps the most important regular-season game in franchise history - is fan treason. Can you imagine a Green Bay Packers fan selling Lambeau Field tickets to a Chicago Bears fan or a Philadelphia Eagles fan selling Lincoln Financial Field tickets to a Dallas Cowboys fan?

Tom Paine talked of "summer soldiers" and "sunshine patriots." Yes, these are trying economic times, and a quick survey of StubHub shows nonclub-level tickets for resale at $150 to $450 apiece. That buys a lot of Guitar Hero and cranberry sauce.

But if that's what Ravens fans have to do, then they must make sure that those tickets wind up with someone wearing purple.

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