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Public works proposal a win-win situation

I very much like the fact that the recovery plan presented by President-elect Barack Obama emphasizes public works programs ("Obama warns of worsening economy," Dec. 8).

I have long advocated such programs because they are not just a tax-and-spend policy but a precious investment in our infrastructure that will create millions of jobs.

As Mr. Obama has also suggested, I would invest more money in helping the unemployed; the unemployment numbers are just plain scary, and if our financial institutions and auto companies can get a bailout, our unemployed deserve a sizable investment.

That would also help stimulate the economy as the unemployed would be likely to spend any money they get quickly on food and other things they need immediately, and that will help businesses start to thrive.

I see that as a win-win situation.

Steven M. Clayton, Ocean, N.J.

No need to support three U.S. carmakers

The time has come for a merger between General Motors and Chrysler. Actually, given Chrysler's long struggle, this is overdue and should be part of any bailout plan ("U.S. could dole out funds to carmakers," Dec. 5).

With the success of Honda, Toyota and other auto imports, this country can't support three domestic automakers.

After all, we have Coke and Pepsi, Miller and Budweiser, UPS and FedEx, Microsoft and Apple, and the Democrats and the Republicans.

Now let Ford and GM do battle.

Alex Tarasco, Columbia

Past time to purge archaic city laws

City Councilman James B. Kraft should be applauded for his attempt to clean up the old laws on Baltimore's books ("Getting rid of outdated laws," Dec. 5). While this will be a daunting task, it is long overdue.

After this initial cleanup, it would be wise for the city to do the same kind of thing on a regular basis, perhaps every 25 years.

And it would also be wise for leaders in other jurisdictions as well as the state to undertake a similar project.

Larry Curcio, Middle River

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