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How about another hit?

Losing Plaxico Burress is one thing. But the Giants can't afford to have linebacker and team leader Antonio Pierce embroiled in legal issues of the wide receiver's accidental shooting. Pierce's attorney says he's innocent of a cover-up, but questions remain. Not what the Giants need in the stretch run.

Bucs up creek?

If Monte Kiffin decides to join his son, Lane, at the University of Tennessee - as expected - it will be a big hit for the Buccaneers. Kiffin's defense kept the Bucs above water in the down years (when Jon Gruden's offense stunk) and made them Super Bowl contenders in the good ones.

Too hands-on

The admission last week by Mike Pereira, the NFL's head of officials, that Ryan Clark's hit on Wes Welker was legal even though the Steelers' safety was penalized shows where officiating is going. And it's not good. No wonder tackling is so poor throughout the league. The NFL has gone to great lengths to discourage physical play.

A. Jones hoopla

Cornerback Adam Jones returns to the Cowboys' lineup today. The circus arrived last week at practice when Jerry Jones had 40 sponsors and some invited fans on the sideline while the team worked. The team hired a DJ for a musical accompaniment. Jones wore Homer Simpson sleep pants under his shorts.

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