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Baltimore's inspector general must not have enough to do - or he's taken to impersonating a homicide detective. Someone at City Hall needs to remind Hilton Green that his primary responsibility is ferreting out government waste, fraud and abuse. Looking into the death of a well-known Baltimore contractor is a sizable stretch from his job description. Mr. Green has reportedly paid a visit to the state medical examiner's office in the matter of the May 16, 2005 death of Robert Lee Clay, who promoted minority business interests and their participation in government contracts. He was found shot to death in his Reservoir Hill office, and the state medical examiner ruled his death a suicide. Both the FBI and city police investigators have concurred with that finding. Mr. Green told The Baltimore Sun that he was responding to Mr. Clay's family, who can't believe the 58-year-old would take his life. But the inspector general may instead be prolonging their grief and fostering the conspiracy theories that others prefer to spin.

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