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Jobs depend on aid to our auto industry

As a dealer who has been selling Ford cars and trucks for 32 years I am proud to be part of the American auto industry ("U.S. could dole out funds to carmakers," Dec. 5).

I know that the industry has made mistakes and been slow to adapt to changes. But despite our current challenges, the work Ford is doing to transform the company gives me confidence that our best days are still to come.

Maryland members of Congress should support providing domestic automakers access to temporary bridge loans - our economy and millions of jobs could depend on it.

The American auto industry consists of much more than just three CEOs, and it stretches far beyond Detroit.

If even one automaker is allowed to fail, that could create a ripple effect that would cost jobs in Maryland and in every state where there are car dealers, suppliers, retirees and workers who depend on the auto industry to support them and their families.

The industry's current request to Congress will help ensure U.S. automakers have the resources to survive the current economic crisis while continuing to make the changes they have all admitted are necessary to survive.

Jobs and lives depend on passing this legislation.

And by helping U.S. automakers, we might very well be helping your neighbor, too.

Bruce Schindler, Parkville

The writer is president of Bob Davidson Ford Lincoln-Mercury.

Radical Islam poses real threat to West

Martha Nussbaum's column "A cloud over India's Muslims" (Commentary, Dec. 2) fails to acknowledge the real threat of radical Islam.

Many Islamic mosques and schools continue to preach and teach the kind of hatred toward non-Muslims that led to the barbaric terror attacks in Mumbai.

Anti-Western propaganda can no longer be tolerated; if it is, I fear that the Mumbai attacks will be just the beginning.

We must defeat this evil as we defeated Nazism during World War II - because once again our civilization is at risk.

Madalyn Frydman, Baltimore

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