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Transit cuts also affect MARC train ridership

I read the story in The Sun "Transit riders fight bus cut," and I want to say that this situation also affects the MARC train ridership. The MTA is also cutting service of MARC trains into Harford and Cecil counties because of budget cuts. Like the bus service cutbacks, there are trains being cut and there will be no service the day after Christmas this year, and who knows what other cuts there will be next year.

I agree with the comments in the article about the bus line cuts because the MARC trains have seen a 30 to 45 percent increase in ridership since the beginning of 2008. There are very few days during the week when there is more than standing room only on the trains heading into Washington.

I know that MARC says that its major ridership is south of Baltimore, but each day there are new riders getting on in Perryville, Aberdeen, Edgewood and Martin's Airport. I agree with your article in that the MTA should be increasing its help into Harford County, in both the bus lines and MARC trains. The Maryland government for years has been asking the people to use public transportation and now that we are, they are taking it away. Where does that make sense?

Thank you for doing the article, I just hope it helps.

Raymond Leftwich

MARC rider of 6 years

Board of Elections was fair in overseeing votes

I would like to commend the Harford County Board of Elections on its fair administration of this year's election.

In the face of tremendous pressure from outside attorneys to throw out absentee ballots, the board conducted itself with the utmost professionalism and made sure that Harford County votes mattered.

I would particularly like to commend election director Jim Massey and his entire staff, as well as board counsel Carolyn Evans for their conduct throughout this process. I know that the staff at the Board of Elections has put in tremendous numbers of hours over the past few months, and the voters of Harford County should be proud of these public servants.

Harford County clearly showed once again that it supports the Republican Party and its candidates. Obviously, many fellow citizens of the United States and other parts of Maryland disagreed with the majority of Harford voters.

I congratulate President-elect Obama and the members of Congress who were elected. I also congratulate Frank Kratovil on his likely election to Congress. However, there are still ballots to be counted in the First District race, including military ballots. It is my belief that every vote counts and that we owe it to our troops to count their votes.

I want to thank everyone in Harford County who voted for our candidates, but I particularly need to thank the team that made the McCain campaign in Harford County a possibility.

Harford County Young Republicans President Brian Young did a tremendous job of acting as my right hand in the county for this campaign. Teresa Reilly also played a crucial role in the campaign. I also need to recognize Councilman Chad Shrodes, Bob Holley and Sylvia Delong for getting our signs out. Greg Selzer, Steve Wright, Lee Merrell, Paul Magness, Dave Price, Sue Melefsky and Bob Thomas are just a few who worked tirelessly on this campaign.

There are hundreds of others who also volunteered their time, made calls, knocked on doors or put up signs, and we are extremely grateful to each of them.

The Republican Club of Harford County, Harford County Republican Women, Route 40 Republican Club, Harford County Young Republicans and the Harford County Republican Central Committee each made tremendous donations of resources to the campaign and are an integral part of the Harford County Republican Party.

Rest assured that the Republican Party in Harford County is alive and well and will continue to work for responsible government.

Michael A. Geppi

Harford County Republican Party chairman

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