Marks says having Garceau as co-host is not a 'step down' for her

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Presenting more sports media notes while hoping this whole idea of working for $1 doesn't spread too far:

* Don't buy into the perception and don't believe the rumors - that's what Anita Marks says.

The launch of 105.7 The Fan last month paired her with Scott Garceau and put her in a seemingly secondary role after having been the titular as well as actual host of her own talk show. But she sounded fine with it yesterday, saying this hasn't been a demotion.

"That's the way people perceive it because I'm in the second chair, but it's equal billing," Marks said. "It's perceived as a step down for me, but that's not the case at all."

She welcomes a partner, she said, and has "a tremendous amount of respect" for Garceau.

"I've always wanted someone in the studio with me. ... The great thing about having someone in there full time is you have the chance to develop chemistry. ... I just think it's going to take time."

And the reference to taking time brings up the Web chatter that she soon will be gone from the station. Her contract runs through the end of the Ravens season, she said, and station management has been talking to her agent about a new deal.

"As far as I know, they'd like me back," Marks said, "and I want to come back."

* No, you don't have to sign up for the NFL Network before the Ravens' Dec. 20 game against the Dallas Cowboys. Channel 11 will be televising it locally. For planning purposes, however, be aware that regular NFL Network analyst Cris Collinsworth won't be calling the game. Instead, Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk will join play-by-play man Bob Papa.

* If you missed it the first time around, do yourself a favor and sit down to watch the replay of NBC's Paralympics documentary at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow (chs. 11, 4). Better have a box of tissues handy, though.

Not only is this look at several American athletes who competed in Beijing - including locals Jessica Long and Tatyana McFadden - emotional and uplifting, but the documentary also comes at a great time to serve as a counterpoint when we're being inundated with sports reports about lawyers, guns and money.

* Amy Fadool, weekend sports anchor at Channel 45, joins Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia next month, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. WBFF's ad for a replacement says the position requires "passion for sports and an understanding of quality storytelling. Must be a team player and have a drive to be the best." If I could just get off the couch, I might apply.

* Maybe this is a little off-track, however, any of you clever folks who wanted to purchase a New York Giants replica No. 17 jersey with "Harris Smith" as the name on the back, don't try doing it through Earlier this week, the Central Maine Sports Blog reported that Plaxico Burress' nom de hospital had joined the likes of the infamous Michael Vick alias Ron Mexico as unapproved league apparel.

* Nielsen reports the Washington Capitals' ratings on Comcast SportsNet have jumped 140 percent over last year, doubling the next-biggest increase in the NHL this season. With a 1.2 average rating - this is hockey, after all; you were expecting double digits? - the Caps rank tied for ninth in the league in local ratings. The Buffalo Sabres lead at 8.9.

* Barry Melrose, whose return to coaching with the Tampa Bay Lightning didn't last even a quarter of the season, is coming back to ESPN, starting Jan. 1. He sometimes will be paired on SportsCenter with his replacement, Matthew Barnaby. In a news release, Melrose said: "I look forward to analyzing people being fired rather than being the guy fired."

We now return you to several more weeks without a mention of hockey.

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