Defendant has record of arrests, violence

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The man charged with attempted murder for allegedly setting fire to a tent last month while a man was inside it has a record of arrests dating back nearly 20 years, had threatened relatives with a metal skillet and broken into a lover's apartment, according to court records.

John Allen Wilder, 40, of the 500 block of Crain Highway in Glen Burnie, was arrested Nov. 22 after police found him standing by a burning makeshift tent in the woods behind the BJ's Wholesale Club in the 8100 block of Ritchie Highway in Pasadena.

According to court documents, John Henry Kreimer phoned police while trapped in the burning tent about 9:15 p.m. and said that he and Wilder had argued and then Wilder had doused the tent with lighter fluid and set fire to it.

When police arrived, Wilder was standing above the tent. He smelled strongly of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred, according to the documents.

Police arrested him on the spot.

He told officers that he had started the fire and said he regretted not killing Kreimer, according to the documents. "It's all good. When I get out, I'll kill him," he told police, according to documents.

Wilder was charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, assault, arson and other related charges. He was denied bail and is being held at the county detention center.

Kreimer was treated at the scene and refused to be taken to the hospital.

Wilder has a record of arrests for theft, assault and trespassing dating back nearly two decades.

According to court documents, in January 2006, relatives of Wilder called police to a home in the 1300 block of Cox Cove Court in the Stoney Beach area because Wilder, armed with a knife, had been fighting with a man in the front yard.

The adults and children who were in the house barricaded themselves in a bedroom, but Wilder "pushed and pounded the door" until he got into the room.

He was intoxicated and brandished a 16-inch metal skillet, which a woman was able to take away from him. He then grabbed a niece and pushed her against a wall, leaving scratches and bruises on her arms, court documents said.

When police arrived, Wilder went to the door but refused to step outside and show officers his hands, saying, "This is my [expletive] house and I'm not going anywhere," according to the documents.

Wilder yelled, cursed, kicked, flailed his arms and tried to break free as officers put him under arrest. He was found guilty of second-degree assault and resisting arrest and sentenced to three years in prison with all but one year suspended.

In April of last year, he climbed the balcony of a boyfriend's apartment in the 7800 block of Americana Circle in Glen Burnie after the man had told him to stay off his property, according to court records.

About 7 a.m. on April 13, the two men had been arguing and the boyfriend called police. Officers told Wilder to stay away from the apartment, but 20 minutes later he climbed up to the second-floor balcony and entered the apartment through a patio door, according to the documents.

He was charged with burglary, trespassing and disobeying a lawful order. He was found guilty of the trespassing charge and sentenced to 90 days in jail.

When Wilder was arrested, he appeared intoxicated and told police, "I should have listened to you before, but you know the alcohol was talking at the same time," according to the documents.

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