He'll get another shot

The Baltimore Sun

Unless we learn that Michael Vick's sordid dogfighting past isn't in the past, I don't see how the NFL can keep him off its character-stained fields.

And if Vick gets into someone's training camp in July after he receives an early release from federal prison, he'll be there in September, or October, or November.

Two reasons: supply and demand.

If he walked out of prison today, he would be better than the starters of at least five teams who are in quarterback-crisis mode: the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and, oh yes, the Philadelphia Eagles. Not to say he would win first time out, but he would be better than those guys.

Don't tell me he's coming out of prison fat and slow, Bill. Last time I checked, they weren't serving five-course meals in Leavenworth, Kan. He's 28, going on 29, and though he might not be as quick and elusive as he was in his prime, he still has plenty of quick-twitch muscles to work with. And that arm? Bet he can still throw it 70 off his back foot.

You can't use the morality case, either. Vick has served his time. How many chances did Adam Jones, Tank Johnson and Chris Henry get under the NFL's new get-tough regime?

Competent quarterbacks are in short supply, and demand is rampant.

If anyone knows that, we should here in Baltimore. I look forward to seeing what prison has done to Vick's immense talents.

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