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Lots of well-dressed folks mingled in Columbia's The Fretz Corp. kitchen showroom for the "10th Anniversary Celebration" of Howard County General Hospital's Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center, but Megan Buescher stood head and shoulders above the rest. And we don't just mean the 4-inch heels that added to her height. An admittedly "quiet" type, the 23-year-old Ellicott City resident says she lets her love of fashion do a lot of the talking for her.

"Being 5 feet, 11 inches, I have many options with clothes and I am always willing to experiment with new things," says the MBA Rollins College grad school student. She says her height also allows her to indulge her biggest fashion passion. "I love big purses. I think being taller, it's ... easier to get away with that."

Age:: 23

Residence:: Ellicott City

Job: : MBA student at Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla.

The look: : Beige silk knit long Lisli cardigan. Coffee silk Phillip Lim dress with cream silk trim. Beige patent-leather, peep-toe Stuart Weitzman slingback platforms. David Yurman topaz and diamond ring.

Where it came from: : Her cardigan was a Bloomingdale's purchase. Her dress and shoes came from Saks Fifth Avenue. Her Yurman ring came from Radcliffe Jewelers.

Self-described style: : "Fun, feminine and flirty."

Her fashion "speaks" for her: : "I'm a pretty quiet person. I'm pretty introverted. So, fashion is a way for me to express myself without saying a lot. ... For class, we have to wear business casual. So, I'll usually wear a Theory dress, BCBG suits or Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses. On the weekends, I like to be more playful and experiment more; more casual, but at the same time keeping it fashionable."

Out-of-town shopper: : "I love to shop in New York City. It is the one city [where] you can find everything - and something that is truly unique for your own individual style."

She balances trends with classics: : "I generally buy most of my casual clothes from Bloomingdale's, where I tend to go for a relaxed and comfortable look. I feel BCBG makes great work clothes, especially their suits. I love Intermix and Saks Fifth Avenue for dressing up. You can always find something [there that is] unique and playful to fit the occasion."

Piece by piece: : "When I shop, I often buy individual pieces that catch my eye. I eventually purchase pieces to complete the outfit. I especially love dresses because they are feminine and easy."

She keeps an eye on the trends: : "Every season, I feel it is imperative to update your wardrobe and adopt at least one new trend. For example, lately I have loved wearing the [studded] belt from the Sex and the City movie."

Keeping a budget in mind: : "I generally like to shop for trendy items at a bargain at places like Zara and splurge on staple pieces that I know I will get their money's worth [out of them].

In the genes: : "I inherited my sense of style from my mother. She always knows how to put herself together, even if it's on the sideline of a soccer game. I don't have a specific fashion icon. But I like to see what Beyonce and Victoria Beckham wear, because I think they are so well put together and can wear a range of different things."

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