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Would you believe this is the mother of a 3-month-old? And we thought Kerry Simpson was simply one of the most chic attendees at Silo Point's grand opening party. Family is first for this 33-year-old Columbia stay-at-home mom of new baby Jack and 21/2-year-old Luke. But she obviously knows how to maintain her style, too. This was going to be a night to shine for her husband, Silo Point sales manager Scott Simpson. So Simpson went on the hunt for the perfect outfit, and found almost all of it at one of her favorite stores, the discounter Loehmann's. Speaking of shining, we think Simpson dazzles.

Age:: 33

Residence:: Columbia

Job: : Homemaker

Self-described style: : "I try to keep up on the trends, but I don't want to look trendy from top to bottom."

The look: : Coffee satin ABS bubble dress. Bronze, snakeskin-pattern Wanted high-heel Mary Janes. Taupe snakeskin-pattern Liz Claiborne handbag. Rose agate bracelet. Pearl stud earrings.

Where it came from: : She picked up her dress, shoes and bracelet at Loehmann's. Her handbag was a gift. And her pearl earrings were a wedding present from her mother.

She likes to decorate: : "I love fashion. I love decorating my house. I feel like I have an eye for it. I like putting things together. ... But, I don't want to look like a page out of a magazine. I don't like to be brand name from top to bottom. I like to switch it up."

What's in her closet: : "I'm pretty casual. I probably have more dresses for summertime than winter. In the winter, for me, being dressed up might mean skinny jeans, some tall boots and tunic top or nice sweater. Jeans and boots are timeless. Free People is my favorite brand ever. And they have them at Loehmann's, so I get tunics and sweaters, I love thermals, henleys and long zip hoodies."

Money matters: : "I don't shop that often. The economy's so bad. ... Loehmann's is one of my favorites. I like Marshall's, those types of stores. I get a lot of stuff from Target. ... I typically won't go to Nordstrom and pay full price. I think it was the way I was raised. My mom always shopped for a bargain. And now that I have children, there may be some guilt in there somewhere. Because if I spend less on myself, I can get them more."

She likes to "surf.": : "I've been shopping online in the last couple of years. Since having children. I just love to browse. Urban Outfitters. I shop there online."

She tries to beat the wave: : "I like to spot trends before they go mainstream. If I see something [I like] online, I'll take a chance, and get it. Then I'll 'own' it. And six months to a year later, I'll see them in the stores on display. A perfect example: Minnetonka moccasins and booties. I saw them online on [the] Urban Outfitters [Web site]. I went back a couple of times to check them out and they were very, very reasonable. Over the last year, I've purchased three pairs; three different styles. I went to Nordstrom recently, and walked by a whole entire display of these boots."

Price trumps passion: : "Jeans are definitely my soft spot. True Religion jeans are my favorite. And I refuse to pay full price. I will go online and Google them. I'll find different Web sites that sell them and scope out what I like. Sometimes I put them on a wish list or in a shopping cart. Then, I wait until they go on sale."

What she will pay for: : "My favorite thing in the winter is a nice pair of jeans and cozy Ugg boots. I will pay full price for those because you can't find them on sale very often."

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