BWI Marshall fifth on top airports list

The Baltimore Sun

As airports go, BWI Marshall is pretty nice. And apparently, nice guys finish fifth.

In a recent survey of travelers' favorite and least favorite airports by, BWI was ranked No. 5 on the favorites list. The top ranked airport was Las Vegas' McCarran International, followed by Denver (a really nice, expensive airport), Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (so nice they recently opened a bird sanctuary - to meet federal requirements after adding a fifth runway), Reagan National (nice views of Washington) and then yours truly, BWI.

The 2008 Reader Choice Awards also named Southwest Airlines as the best airline ever with top rankings in baggage service, value, airfare prices, routes, on-time, cleanest cabin and best frequent flier program. JetBlue beat out Southwest for comfort and onboard entertainment - guess those folks never heard the comedic riffs of some Southwest flight crews.

US Airways was noted, unfortunately, for having the dirtiest cabins and subsequently named by readers as the least favorite domestic airline. United and American airlines were second and third in the unlikable category.

And the least favorite airport? You guessed it - it's almost cliche by now: Chicago O'Hare.

You can find more detailed results online at

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