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HEY, JAMISON: It's like that book, Where's Waldo. ... Where is Kyle Boller? I don't see him on the sideline, nor, to my knowledge, has anyone mentioned him in any recent article. Perhaps he's not interested in coming back. Have I answered my own question?


Stuart (Stu) Fisher

City of Industry, Calif.


HEY, STU: I tried to track down Boller, but he doesn't even have a locker anymore (recently signed safety Daren Stone took Boller's spot next to Joe Flacco). This is what we know: Boller had shoulder surgery a couple of months ago and has been rehabilitating mostly in California. Ravens coach John Harbaugh has not required Boller to be at team headquarters every day, but the former first-round pick has made a few appearances.

Boller's low profile is understandable. He has always been a team-first player, and he doesn't want to draw any unnecessary attention to himself. With Flacco making strides and Troy Smith being signed for a couple of more seasons, it's apparent this is Boller's final season with the Ravens. He could be bitter, but that's not his style. Fans will always take shots at Boller's quarterbacking. No one can ever question his class.

HEY, JAMISON: For someone who has been heralded as being one of the best in NFL, does Todd Heap still play for the Ravens?

Rusty Staub, Gainesville, Fla.

HEY, RUSTY: The disappearance of Heap from the offense has been one of the most perplexing developments of the season. Flacco went to Heap in the season opener with disastrous results. Heap fumbled one time and later dropped a pass in the end zone. From that point on, Flacco has just not gotten a feel for Heap, a two-time Pro Bowl tight end who has essentially been turned into an extra offensive tackle.

Heap didn't make a catch Sunday, the second time that has happened this season. He didn't even have a pass thrown his way, but it's hard to criticize an offensive game plan that generated 429 yards and three touchdowns.

HEY, JAMISON: I was wondering whatever happened to Ravens punt return specialist B.J. Sams. I thought I heard that he had broken his leg last year, but I never heard any more about him.

George Davis, Freeland


HEY, GEORGE: Sams' tough run in the NFL continued this season. A free agent at the end of last season, Sams signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, who ranked near the bottom of the league in punt and kickoff returns. But Sams, who broke his leg in 2006 and blew out his knee in 2007, couldn't jump-start the Chiefs.

Kansas City cut Sams four games into the regular season Oct. 1. The Ravens have yet to miss him. From Yamon Figurs to Jim Leonhard to Ed Reed, coach John Harbaugh said he has more choices than ever before in the return game.

HEY, JAMISON: I don't think calling the two-quarterback offense the "Suggs Package" really works, since he is a defensive player. What do you think of calling it the "Five and Dime" (Joe Flacco wears No. 5, Troy Smith wears No. 10) package?

Jim Gach, Perry Hall

HEY, JIM: That has a pretty good ring to it, although many fans have done more shopping on eBay than at Woolworth's. Now, the only problem is whether we'll get to use the name. A week after the Ravens' two-quarterback offense captured the attention of fans, the Ravens gained a total of 2 yards on two plays Sunday. Let's see whether the Ravens will use the "Five and Dime" in the future or if it will go the way of Woolworth's.