(Clean) words can't describe feeling

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At the risk of becoming the clearinghouse for potty-mouth news - surely you recall last week's item on the crude chant by Kansas Jayhawks fans - Mr. Flip presents the naughty-word report from the Phillies celebration Friday in Philadelphia.

During the rally at Citizens Bank Park, second baseman Chase Utley declared into the microphone - for the benefit of fans in the stadium and watching live on local television - that the Phillies were "world [fill in the blank with an f-bomb] champions."

Fans responded with long, raucous cheers. Philadelphia TV responded by issuing on-air apologies.

The CBS affiliate was broadcasting with a delay, but it didn't stop the language from getting on the air.

"The technician hit the button, but missed by a hair," a station spokeswoman told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "We apologize to our viewers that this aired despite our precautions."

But people in the stands didn't sound very upset.

Malik Muhammad, 29, a Philadelphian there with his daughter, 6, said: "It's understandable. It's an emotional time for him and for the city. We understood. ... That's how much love we have for this team."

"They hear worse stuff in school," said another Philadelphian, Ivette Centeno, 44, who attended with her two children and two grandchildren.

One of the kids who hears stuff in school, Steve Reinhardt, 17, a high school junior in Atco, N.J., said he would give Utley's "F" an "A."

"I thought it was awesome," he said. "It got the loudest applause of the day."

Enough already

Peter Buckley made it to 300. Just don't ask him to go to 301.

The British boxer has retired from the ring at 39 after forging a career that is a testament to not knowing when to quit.

Buckley, a super featherweight, recorded just 32 victories in those 300 bouts.

"People keep saying to me that I'll get a call in a few weeks' time offering me a fight and I'll say yes, but I mean it when I say this is it," Buckley said. " ... I definitely won't miss getting punched in the face for a living."

(Tip of the Flip to fark.com.)

King Cole

You win a World Series, you get to read a Top 10 list on David Letterman's show. At least, you do if you're Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels. Here are some of the words put in Hamels' mouth for "Top 10 Things that Went Through Cole Hamels' Mind After Winning the World Series":

* "Maybe I'll get to be on Dancing with the Stars."

* "Can I wear my cup in the offseason?"

* "This must be how the Yankees used to feel."

* "Is the Phillie Phanatic hitting on my wife?"

* "I hope John McCain will start calling me 'Cole the Pitcher.' "

Compiled from news service and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who wants to see how the Phanatic would get around with a bag on his head.

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