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One-sided criticism unfair to Republicans

I was somewhat surprised by Thomas F. Schaller's assault on Sen. John McCain's campaign ("Desperate Republicans are sinking to new lows," Commentary, Oct. 21). He lists numerous allegations as evidence that "the Republicans have reached the bottom of the barrel." But he must know that many of those allegations are unfounded or irrelevant.

Indeed, if he were to apply the standards he claims to uphold, he would condemn the vicious attacks on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Barack Obama's ads accusing Mr. McCain of being anti-Hispanic and Democrats' repeated claims that Mr. McCain expects 100 years of war in Iraq.

Mr. Schaller must also be aware of the refusal of many liberals even to allow opposing views to be heard, overwhelming radio talk shows of which they disapprove with vitriolic e-mails and phone calls or ridiculing conservatives on television talk shows.

Yet he writes, "And here is what real Americans are not doing: making angry outbursts at campaign rallies," implying that "real Americans" are Obama Democrats. He then refers to "culture-war definitions as to who is and isn't a 'real American'" as "appalling."

Clearly there is no shortage of extremists involved in either campaign.

I'm not a Republican, and I'm not greatly impressed by Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin.

But I am even less impressed by an academic whose arguments are based on the very things he claims to disdain.

Peter Traskey, Cockeysville

Driving rules apply to Cowherd, too

Kevin Cowherd has done it again: This time, he complains about getting a parking ticket in Baltimore ("Playing the high-stakes city parking game," Oct. 19).

The last time he wrote about a ticket was when he received one for speeding in a 25-mph zone in a populated suburban neighborhood and complained about the injustice of it ("Speeding excuses fall on deaf ears," April 14).

Apparently Mr. Cowherd has a thing about complying with the traffic laws, as if they didn't apply to him. But despite all his snide comments, they do.

I'm glad to see he's paying the price. Too bad the parking ticket doesn't carry points.

Robert E. MacDonald, Ruxton

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