Actor Joaquin Phoenix says goodbye to film, hello to music

Joaquin Phoenix says he's "not doing films anymore."


He made the announcement Monday at a fundraising event for Paul Newman's camps for kids.

Extra's Jerry Penacoli asked "Are you serious?" Phoenix answered, "Yeah. I'm working on my music. I'm done. I've been through that."


Phoenix's rep confirmed the news to Extra with the response, "That is what he told me."

The 34-year-old performer gave no further details on his career plans - but he has been working on a record for some time with Britain's The Charlatans, People reports on its Web site. He first learned guitar for his role as Johnny Cash in 2005's Walk the Line.


Leonardo DiCaprio is bringing out the big guns to get out the vote.

A video shows the stars struggling to grasp the concept of using reverse psychology to get young people into voting booths.

Required by director Steven Spielberg to say "Don't vote," Julia Roberts replies, "That doesn't make sense." Tom Cruise and Will Smith complain to each other, while Justin Timberlake jokes, "I can do anything. I was in a boy band, OK?"

Finally, Harrison Ford says, "You know what? I can't do it. ... 537 people decided the 2000 election, and you want me to tell people that one vote doesn't count?" "There are more Baldwin brothers than that," quips Ryan Reynolds, whose wife, Scarlett Johansson, also appears in the video.

Also appearing: Cameron Diaz, Shia LaBeouf, Snoop Dogg, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, Zach Braff and Sacha Baron Cohen as his alter ego, Borat.


Pieces of punk rock

Memorabilia from some of punk rock's biggest acts and seminal moments - including a scrawled flier for one of the Clash's first shows and publicity photos signed by the Sex Pistols - are headed for a Nov. 24 Christie's auction.

The auction, Christie's first to focus on punk mementos, includes more than 120 records, photos and promotional pieces for such punk, garage rock and new wave legends as the Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, the Ramones, David Bowie, Blondie, the Cure and the Smiths.

The various punk items are expected to fetch between $300 and $6,000 apiece.

Not at loss for words

Romance writer Danielle Steel is starting a blog.


"It's like a letter to a friend, and fun to be able share something and say, 'Gee I did this,' " says Steel, 61, whose 74th novel, A Good Woman, hit bookstores this month.

Steel said in a recent interview that she expects to launch her blog,, today. She will post entries once a week, or more often "if I get excited about something."

All in the family

The Sopranos, the HBO series about a New Jersey mob family, has sparked an unusual spinoff - a line of Italian wines that will be launched in the United States this fall.

The line of Sopranos Wines from various Italian wineries will feature a variety of wines ranging from a Chianti, pinot grigio and pinot noir priced up to $11.99 to a higher end Chianti classico at $23.99 and a Chianti classico reserva at $29.99.

Vesuvio Import Co., created to develop this new line, was named after the fictional restaurant depicted in the series, which ran for six seasons over more than eight years and concluded in June 2007.



Movie director Claude Lelouch, 71.

Rock singer Grace Slick, 69.

Actor Henry Winkler, 63.

Actor Harry Hamlin, 57.

Actress Nia Long, 38.


Actor Gael Garcia Bernal, 30.

Actor Tequan Richmond, 16.