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Hometown : Long Green and Baltimore

Members: Mike Apichella, keyboards, vocals; Keith Backhause, backup vocalist and hype man; Josh Marchant, singer and producer; Rick Weaver, producer and multi-instrumentalist; Jeff Duncan, producer

Founded: 2002

Style: experimental music

Influenced by: Sun Ra, Lungfish, Steely Dan, Ludacris, Air

Notable: Sometime during the holiday season, Human Host will release a new album called Creature Mountain. Each year, the band puts on a free Halloween show - and for good reason.

Quotable: "Human Host's work complements Halloween perfectly and vice versa because of the conscious, joyous distortion of people's identities, which results in the distortion of reality," Apichella said. "It's like feet-on-the-ground, head-in-the-clouds for most people that one day. For Human Host, that's a year-round thing. It's required to be a member of the band."

If you go: Human Host performs tomorrow at the Hexagon, 1825 N. Charles St. Doors open at 9 p.m. Free. Go to The band:

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