Tonight is Obama saturation night

The Baltimore Sun

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is going to seem like he is everywhere on TV tonight thanks in part to a last-minute flurry yesterday of interview bookings and extra media buys.

Earlier in the month, Obama's campaign reached agreements with CBS, NBC, Fox and MSNBC to present a 30-minute "campaign-related program" at 8 tonight on each of those outlets. The price: $1 million per network.

The campaign had also approached ABC with the same offer, but the network was initially reluctant to move Pushing Daisies, an hourlong show, out of the 8 p.m. time period. By the time ABC executives decided to shift the show, Obama had moved on to cable channel MSNBC.

Yesterday, Obama agreed to sit down today with ABC News anchorman Charles Gibson for an interview that airs on ABC World News tonight.

Furthermore, Comedy Central announced that Obama will appear at 11 tonight on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. These are both "free" media - time for which the candidate does not pay.

Meanwhile, the campaign extended its media buy late yesterday for the 8 p.m. program to BET (Black Entertainment Television) and Univision - targeting key ethnic audiences.

I will be writing tonight about Obama's big TV push on my blog, which has been focusing on TV and politics in recent weeks. Tune in.

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