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Character questions show Obama is unfit

I strongly disagree with the editorial "Obama for president" (Oct. 26) and am sorely disappointed that The Baltimore Sun has been duped by Sen. Barack Obama's smooth oratory and numerous domestic promises.

Mr. Obama's promises to strengthen our domestic policies seem to change from day to day, leaving the public confused about what he actually believes.

As an independent voter, my first criterion in every election is to attempt to determine the strength of each candidate's character based on his complete life.

Unfortunately, the true story of Mr. Obama's early life has not been revealed to the public.

He has been very evasive in his comments relating to his past radical involvements and his religious affiliations and in his refusal to discuss or release any of his transcripts and writings during his tenure at Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard University.

Given all of these unanswered questions, and what I consider an absolute void of true strength of character on the part of Mr. Obama, I question whether he is really qualified to be president.

In contrast, every minute of Republican candidate Sen. John McCain's life is an open book, and his character is impeccable.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

'Soak the rich' policy is no path to prosperity

In its endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama, The Baltimore Sun's editorial board has rewritten history in suggesting that lower taxes helped cause the Great Depression ("Obama for president," Oct. 26).

The editors failed to mention that a major cause of the Great Depression was the passage of several tax hikes signed into law by Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt on income, dividends, capital and estates.

Since higher taxes decreased the incentive to work and invest, unemployment rates remained at more than 14 percent through 1940.

A Roosevelt-style "soak the rich" policy won't work in 2008 either.

The editors should learn that history has shown us that an increase in taxes reduces economic growth by contracting the tax base and increasing tax avoidance.

After all, President Bush's tax cuts helped create 8 million jobs after 9/11.

Michael P. Beczkowski, Baltimore

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