Expletives not exactly deleted

So much for the power of the press.

The student newspaper at the University of Kansas has been imploring fans at Jayhawks football games to give up a chant that has gone up from the stands on kickoff. Taken from a line in the Adam Sandler movie The Waterboy, fans tell the Jayhawks to "rip his f - - head off."


The University Daily Kansan and KU coach Mark Mangino asked fans to chant something else.

On Saturday, however, the nasty chant was back, for all the good it did the Jayhawks, who were routed by Texas Tech, 63-21.


She's almost there

Just $2,999,000 more and Amy Borkowsky will be all set.

The comedian and author is off to a slow start after launching a Web site,, to raise the $3 million she needs to buy an ad during the Super Bowl in her search for a man.

"My ideal man would have a big brain, a good heart and a really annoying mother," Borkowsky told The Today Show. "I wouldn't rule out a creative accountant, unless his creativity resulted in federal charges."

Today's Kathie Lee Gifford, showing her finely tuned sense of irony, offered this advice: "She should go to her local church or her local synagogue or her local bowling alley and meet a nice guy who's looking for a nice girl."

Great idea. Plus, the single gal wouldn't have to hire those frogs to croak out "Bor-kow-sky."

(Tips of the Flip to

Under where?


In baring their souls for Sports Illustrated's Pop Culture Grid, some pro athletes gave you a few things to look out for the next time you cruise eBay. Asked what items they own that should be put up for auction, the offerings included a signed Andruw Jones rookie card (Jonathan Bornstein, Major League Soccer's Chivas USA), a 2002 Camaro (David Booth, Florida Panthers), a high school All-America jersey (Thaddeus Young, Philadelphia 76ers) and a hyperbaric chamber (Karlos Dansby, Arizona Cardinals).

The fact that Dansby has a hyperbaric chamber makes his answer to "I spend way too much on ... " kind of obvious: "my body." Young's answer, however, was more intriguing: "underwear."

Dansby and Young said Young Jeezy was the music on their iPods. Mr. Flip is more of a Middle-Aged Jeezy guy.

That's so cold

While we're reading over at, here's Pete McEntegart's take on last week's "bounty" talk: "Former Ravens coach Brian Billick told radio host Dan Patrick that most teams really do offer bounties to knock guys out of the game. In fact, he knows this all too well because his players put one out on him."

Who pulled the plug?


Some Comcast cable television customers in the Philadelphia area lost their connection at a most inopportune time Saturday night - during the point in World Series Game 3 when the Phillies hit back-to-back home runs. reported that Comcast said it had an equipment failure that disrupted standard definition broadcasts in the region for 15 to 25 minutes. At least Comcast didn't put up an old Steve Harvey show in the meantime.

Compiled from news service and Web reports by Mr. Flip, whose TV wasn't working for a while yesterday until he figured out that plug-it-in thing.