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For sheriff, hunting theft is personal

The Baltimore Sun

The person who walked off with a hunting stand and related paraphernalia from a wooded area in Gambrills might have had a second thought if he knew who owned them: Sheriff Ronald S. Bateman.

Bateman had left three hunting stands and related items in a 12-acre wooded lot behind Kaufmann's Tavern in the 300 block of Gambrills Road. The wooded area and the tavern belong to Maryland Delegate James J. King, a Republican from Anne Arundel, who had given Bateman permission to hunt there.

The sheriff and his 13-year-old son hunt deer with bows and arrows, although they have not bagged one this year.

On Sunday morning, Bateman discovered that one of the hunting stands, the stairs to another stand, two pairs of binoculars and other supplies had been stolen. The missing objects are worth a total of about $500, he says.

Because a friend of Bateman's had used the stands on Friday, it appears that the thief struck Saturday.

"You just don't take another hunter's stuff," Bateman said. "It's like stealing a crabber's crab pot."

Bateman said he reported the theft to county police. If a warrant is issued for a suspect, Bateman said he hopes to feature the person on his public access cable TV show, Anne Arundel County's Most Wanted.

"He picked the wrong stand to steal," Bateman said.

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