5 things I have to have

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Dan Keplinger is a local artist whose life was the subject of the 1999 Oscar-winning documentary King Gimp. Although born with severe cerebral palsy, he has become a successful artist and public speaker. When he is not traveling, he is at work on new art shows that will open in Baltimore next year. You can see samples of his work at kinggimp.com. Keplinger lives in Towson.


Access to a local studio:

"A studio would help me continue my passion of creating art. Although my art continues to grow through the use of new mediums and expression, my daily travels are limited by the battery charge of my wheelchair."


More public speaking opportunities:

"I have traveled nationally and internationally. Inspiration and passion are the keys that embody success. King Gimp is a perfect example of these staples. To have more of these opportunities would make for an ideal life."


Establishing a nonprofit organization called King Gimp Studios:

"It will be a place where the disabled community could come discover fine art and build self-esteem. This mission would be an ultimate goal, for not only myself but everyone else who is involved."


A kind philanthropist(s) :

"I'd like someone to take a chance on my dream and make it reality by making a generous donation of land to create a foundation for King Gimp Studios."


A honeymoon in Vietnam:

"I've found my other half. Dena is half Vietnamese, and we have been talking about going there for our honeymoon."

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