U.S. debut for 'Archangel'

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Before he was Bond, Daniel Craig was known as Kelso - Fluke Kelso, to be exact, in the BBC miniseries Archangel that has its U.S. TV premiere tonight on the Ion cable channel. And you don't have to be a Craig lover to like this stylish production. The film, which takes place across four days, is set in Moscow and the Siberian town of Archangel during the Communist era. It focuses on a former Oxford University historian (Craig) who stumbles onto one of the deepest and darkest secrets of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. (8 p.m. Ion) ***

'MAD MEN' ENDS FOR NOW This weekend marks the end of Season 2 for AMC's Mad Men, TV's best drama since HBO's The Sopranos. There are two events worth going out of your way to see. First is star Jon Hamm serving as guest host on NBC's red-hot Saturday Night Live. I can't wait to see what the SNL writers do with him. (11:30 p.m. tomorrow, Channel 11) Then comes the finale itself. What will happen to the marriage of Don (Hamm) and Betty Draper (January Jones) - and to the folks at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency? This is the one I really can't wait to see. (10 p.m. Sunday, AMC)

LATE-NIGHT GUESTS Actor Bill Murray visits the Late Show with David Letterman. Actor Matthew McConaughey visits The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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