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Sen. McCain's honor not open to question

I was sickened to read two recent columns attacking Sen. John McCain. They are no surprise to me, since they are simply a continuation of the bias shown against the senator since the beginning of his campaign. But these columns are far more unjust than any others the paper has printed. They question the very honor and integrity of an American hero.

In his column "Desperate Republicans are sinking to new lows" (Commentary, Oct. 21), Thomas F. Schaller speaks of the senator making "incendiary statements" about his opponent.

Could it be that the angry reactions from Mr. McCain's audiences are instead a product of the ire of loyal Americans who hear about the un-American behavior of William Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.?

Far worse are Leonard Pitts Jr.'s statements that question Mr. McCain's honor and integrity ("McCain sacrifices principles for sake of politics," Commentary, Oct. 20).

He states that Mr. McCain "sacrifices principles," although he doesn't indicate what those principles are or how Mr. McCain has "compromised some essential part of himself."

The worst is Mr. Pitts' suggestion that Mr. McCain "was a man of honor" but that he now "seems ashamed, and he has good reason."

Mr. McCain's character, loyalty and honor were tested as a POW.

The torture he experienced with dignity proves he has more courage and honor in his little finger than most of us have in our body.

Mary Rothenbuecher, Baltimore

Obama right to refuse public financing

While I'm not a Democrat, I applaud Sen. Barack Obama for having the nerve to refuse public campaign funds ("Obama goes the private route to all-time leader in fundraising," Oct. 19).

Government money always comes with strings attached. The Obama campaign was wise to not enter into that Faustian deal.

The next step in preventing the government from making elections self-fulfilling prophecies should be to disband the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Beth Woodell, Baltimore

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