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We've done Top 10 lists of crab cakes on Dining@Large before (you'll have to go to my blog at to see them), but this one was very specific: Top 10 Fancy Crab Cakes with an Interesting Twist. It might be the seasoning, or the sauce, or the go-withs; and you'll find them at some of the highest-end restaurants in town.

Here's the list (remember, it's in alphabetical order):


Black Olive : in Fells Point. The olive oil-based homemade mayonnaise that comes with the mezze lump crab cake is what makes it special.


Brasserie Tatin : in Homewood. The kitchen has an interesting twist on the crab cake: lobster meat. It mixes the crab with lobster and pan-sears the result.


Charleston: in Harbor East. I had a delicious baby crab cake with avocado, Silver Queen corn and cilantro oil. The menu changes but I bet that's a recurring item.


Della Notte: in Little Italy. Two Maryland-style jumbo lump crab cakes, basil vinaigrette, tomato-olive relish.


Fin: in Fells Point. I recommend the crab cake trio appetizer: one miniature traditional, one Asian with sesame seeds and a soy-based sauce, one southwestern-spicy with a chipotle sauce.


Gertrude's: in the Baltimore Museum of Art. Besides the traditional crab cake, Gertrude's has a crab cake du jour, and there's a long list of sauces, like orange and chipotle, you can try with it.


Pierpoint: in Fells Point. Nancy Longo's famous smoked crab cake with a Silver Queen corn cake.


Pisces: in the Baltimore Hyatt. This was one of the best crab cakes I've had all year. The twist was horseradish sauce as an accompaniment.


Red Maple: in Mount Vernon. The Asian crab cakes with wasabi aioli, among others, have been on the ever-changing tapas menu in the past.


Watertable: in the Inner Harbor. A jumbo lump crab cake with citrus segments, greens, fried polenta, citrus sauce.


Wasabi aioli? Olive oil-based mayo? Asian with sesame seeds? Not on OUR authentic, distinctively hometown crabcakes, thank you!

This is Balmer, hon.

We know who we are, why we love this town and what our crabcakes should look and taste like.

Let some faraway, uninformed city try something so absurd. Just keep those frills, ruffles and fufus away from Charm City.

Pass the Old Bay, please.

Posted by: bleachergirl66

Years ago I was in San Diego at a fancy seafood place hoping to try the local fare - when I spotted on the menu a "Baltimore Style Crabcake with Garlic Butter Sauce" or something to that effect. I asked the poor waiter if the chef had ever been to Baltimore - I am normally not a jerk like that but I had to speak up...

Posted by: bryanintimonium

I'm not fond of Old Bay (too much celery), so some of these sound pretty interesting.

Posted by: Lissa

You crab cake fanatics are crazy! The trad Baltimore way is just meatloaf of the sea. Completely unimaginative. ...

Posted by: CupOfJoe

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