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* Check out, created by students and staff at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The site is extremely informative and playful, owing in large part to the creative hand of Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher, the former editorial cartoonist at The Sun. If you want to engage a young person - or an old one - in the political process, have them take a spin through this Web site. The venture is interactive and is still looking to add information and animations on every state.

* Whether it's a confession, a cry for help or a simple "thank you," talking to whatever God you pray to can release some pressure.

The blog Dear God ( wants to know what you say when you pray, or if you don't pray to anyone, it offers a good place to vent your feelings. The blog stresses its lack of affiliation with any religious or spiritual group, and rather is simply a place to get things off your chest. If you like PostSecret, you'll probably dig this blog.

The entries come from all over the world, and while they're the reason to read the blog, the pictures chosen to go with the messages are also interesting (and usually selected by the blogger).

* The universal, high-speed-everywhere Web isn't quite a reality yet, as anyone who's used a relative's dial-up or a seriously weak airport connection can testify to. Web page reformatting tool Finch gives you just the text, ma'am, from any site you plug into its address box, stripping Flash, JavaScript, stylesheets and even images from the layout. Tools like this often crop up for mobile phones, such as Google's Mobilizer (, but Finch ( is made for the desktop browser. Some sites will work better with their graphical navigators removed than others, of course, but for anyone stuck with a fist-poundingly slow connection, or paying for every megabyte, Finch is a great bookmark to keep handy.

* We can't imagine the sort of dedication (and mostly clear social calendar) this must require: This man actually photographed himself every day for 17 years. The result is pretty cool (and might make you feel a little guilty if you can't even commit to blogging seven days a week).

Watch it here:

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