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Peavy to the Orioles? If only

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N ews item: San Diego Padres pitcher Jake Peavy is being shopped and would look really good in the Orioles' rotation.

My take: Trouble is, Peavy has a full no-trade clause and apparently does not want to play in the American League. And even if he did want to play in the American League, he probably would like to play on a winning team. And even if he didn't care about playing on a winning team, the Padres are going to try to get the kind of value the Orioles got for Erik Bedard. And if you were paying attention during August and September, your first question should have been: "What Orioles rotation?" I hope that clears things up.

News item: The Major League Baseball Players Association is preparing a grievance against owners for allegedly acting in concert to keep Barry Bonds off any major league roster this year.

My take: The union claims to have proof, and if it does have proof, it would prove two things, the second being that somebody in baseball was stupid enough to think it was necessary to act in concert to keep Bad News Barry out of the game. The guy is in his 40s, has gimpy legs and is under multiple indictments that could send him to prison. It would take no stretch of the imagination to envision each of the 30 major league teams deciding individually that nobody needs that kind of headache.

Bonus take: Remember, just because Barry can still hit home runs and could help a contending team doesn't mean anyone is required to consider signing him. But if a team such as the New York Yankees calls a team such as the Boston Red Sox and says, "If you don't sign him, we won't either," then the union has a case.

News item: Former Auburn coach Terry Bowden wrote in his blog at that his brother Tommy deserved to get fired after Clemson got off to a disappointing start this year.

My take: I sure am glad my brother doesn't have a blog after some of the swill I've been writing lately.

News item: Manny Ramirez reportedly was voted a two-thirds playoff share by the Red Sox, despite his unseemly effort to force the team to trade him.

My take: That's pretty much par for the course. Every player who appears on a championship team during the regular season generally gets at least a prorated share reflecting the number of days he spent on the roster. No big deal one way or the other. The guy makes $20 million per year, so the prospect of getting an additional $200,000 probably wasn't going to turn him back into a Red Sox fan.

News item: The Ravens find themselves in a must-win situation today when they face suddenly respectable Miami at Dolphin Stadium. Even Terrell Suggs acknowledged the season will take on a much different tone if they leave Florida with a 2-4 record.

My take: Who would have thought that this would be a watershed week, but a loss probably would force the Ravens and their fans to fully accept the harsh reality that this is a rebuilding year.

News item: Major League Baseball has agreed to move back the start of Game 6 of the World Series by about 15 minutes to accommodate presidential candidate Barack Obama's 30-minute campaign commercial.

My take: Got to wonder how that's going to play with the Philadelphia Phillies in the Series and with Pennsylvania one of the most important battleground states in the coming election.

News item: Several Dolphins were offended when Ravens coach John Harbaugh defended the job Cam Cameron did as their head coach last year "with what he had to work with."

My take: Funny, you would think the one good thing you would end up with after a 1-15 season is thick skin.

News item: Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu told reporters that the NFL's system of discipline for violent hits is turning football into a "pansy" game.

My take: He lost me when he cited Jack Tatum as one of the football legends who wouldn't be able to play in this era. Tatum, you might recall, was the guy who put wide receiver Darryl Stingley in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

News item: Bob Knight said in a broadcast interview Wednesday that he won't rule out a return to coaching because "I got nothing else to do."

My take: This is great news. He's much more entertaining on the sideline than he was on ESPN last season.

News item: Roger Clemens told a Houston television station Wednesday that he has no desire to play baseball right now.

My take: That's good, because it would be pretty tough to get him on one of the postseason rosters at this point.

News item: M&T; Bank Stadium rated fourth in's annual rankings of the 32 NFL stadiums. The Ravens' home field ranked behind only Lambeau Field, Heinz Field and Denver's Invesco Field, based on a formula that measures affordability, tailgating, team quality, atmosphere and accessibility.

My take: That would be 21 places higher than FedEx Field and six places higher than Lincoln Financial Field. Sweet.

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