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Is a 2nd stimulus package a good idea?

The Baltimore Sun

Democrats in Congress are talking about passing another stimulus package shortly after the election.

The details are still sketchy. But the cost is expected to range from $150 billion to $300 billion.

The money could go to transportation projects, infrastructure, housing, job creation, unemployment insurance, tax cuts and health care for children and seniors. And, yes, more tax rebates.

What do you think? Do we need another stimulus package? And if so, where do you think the money should be spent to do the most good for the economy? Infrastructure? Home loan relief? Tax rebate?

The last rebate was worth up to $600 for singles and twice that for married couples. Families with young children got even more.

And if you favor another round of rebate checks, can you suggest a better way to disburse the money? This last one caused a lot of headaches.

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