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Actor, son of French film star

Guillaume Depardieu, the often-troubled son of renowned French film star Gerard Depardieu who gained praise for his own career as an actor, died Monday at Raymond-Poincare hospital in Garches, west of Paris, of complications related to a sudden case of pneumonia.

Family lawyer Jean-Yves Lienard said the actor flew to France on Sunday from Romania, where he contracted a pulmonary illness while filming.

Guillaume Depardieu won the prize in 1996 as the most promising young actor at the Cesar awards - France's equivalent of the Academy Awards - for his role in the film Les Apprentis (The Apprentices).

As a teenager and young adult, Guillaume Depardieu faced problems with drugs, alcohol and violence that led to convictions for traffic violations, insults and narcotics.

He had a public falling-out with his father in 2003. That year, Guillaume Depardieu had his right leg amputated to end years of pain from a bacterial infection after a motorcycle accident in 1996.

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