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City running festival merits more applause

I was a little disappointed to see the lack of coverage about the Baltimore Marathon in Sunday's paper.

I have been a participant in the running festival for six out of the eight years it has been in Baltimore. It gives a huge boost to the city, both to its economy and to its morale.

On what other day of the year do you find people from neighborhoods in all parts of the city coming together for one cause?

The marathon course doesn't take runners through the best city neighborhoods. But that fact is overshadowed by the residents outside their homes cheering on the runners, handing out gummy bears or giving high-fives.

We should all be proud of the Baltimore Running Festival.

There are so many negative stories in the city on a daily basis. It would be nice to celebrate something that is so great.

Kerri Wojciechowski, Baltimore

Elitist Republicans fear democratic ballot

Republicans' breathless hand-wringing over ACORN is based on the fact that they desire low turnout in elections ("Crying wolf?" editorial, Oct. 13).

The democratic process does not suit them, as their platforms favor the wealthy few.

Rather than spending their energies chasing nonexistent fraud and attempting to disenfranchise voters, Republicans would serve themselves better by figuring out why people aren't buying what they are selling.

David Schwartz, Baltimore

Enough photos of traders' trauma

If The Baltimore Sun would like to make an immediate contribution to help relieve some of the pain of the market collapse, I have a suggestion: Simply stop assailing readers with those trite images of traders with heads in hands, battlefield stares, slumped shoulders, etc.

We've probably been treated to as many shots of these trauma victims in the past month as we've seen from real battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq in the past year.

How about a more metaphorical approach: The next time the Dow drops in the three-digit range, just run a photo of a herd of sheep.

We'll get the picture.

Allan McWilliams, Reisterstown

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