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Attacks on Palin betray clear bias

You'd think Susan Reimer would have learned her lesson. She was supposedly startled, even frightened, by the reader backlash after her recent foray into political posturing ("Gloves came off when column came out," Sept. 5). So I suppose Ms. Reimer should brace herself, because once again she's chosen to use her column as a soapbox - this time under the guise of being a concerned "ground-zero feminist" who fears that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin threatens the greater good of womankind ("She's out of her depth, and we hold our breath," Oct. 13).

Amid predictable paragraphs slamming Mrs. Palin for not being smart enough or experienced enough, Ms. Reimer declares, "I don't want anybody like me to be vice president."

Well, we can agree on that point anyway.

I don't even want anybody like Ms. Reimer to be my newspaper columnist.

She should stick to fluff and lame attempts at humor and leave the political commentary to others.

Courtney McGee, Towson

Enough already. Please remove Susan Reimer's column from The Baltimore Sun, or at least put it on the opinion page where such rants belong. Her attack on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in Monday's paper was the last straw.

I once looked forward to reading Gregory Kane's opinions. But since he left, the paper's columnists have a decidedly left-leaning slant.

Since The Baltimore Sun is the only major newspaper in the Baltimore region, I think it has an obligation to give readers a more balanced slate of opinion.

Robert C. Gutermuth, Cambridge

Great intellect is no prerequisite

If one wanted an example of what is wrong with the elitist attitudes of some in the Democratic Party, Susan Reimer's column on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is perfect ("She's out of her depth, and we hold our breath," Oct. 13).

OK, the governor of our 49th state is no colossal intellect. This was also true of Harry Truman. But Mr. Truman was among the best presidents of the 20th century.

It is possible that Mrs. Palin could be another Harry Truman. But we need to look beyond the basics to see if that is the case.

Denny Olver, Baltimore

McCain's team also tied to Fannie, Freddie

The writer of the letter "All-American Palin a breath of fresh air" (Oct. 14) says, "Sen. Barack Obama is up to his neck in unsavory connections to the overwhelming Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac disaster," but fails to mention that Rick Davis, one of Sen. John McCain's campaign managers, has worked as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Muriel Shefrin, Pikesville

Attacks on Obama only stir up hatred

Thank you for publishing Frank Schaeffer's column upbraiding Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for hate-mongering against Sen. Barack Obama ("McCain's attacks fuel dangerous hatred," Commentary, Oct. 10).

As Mr. Schaeffer points out, this is a very serious matter, and one voters should not ignore.

To suggest that Mr. Obama is a terrorist is a desperation tactic by the Republicans.

They are fully aware that he is not a terrorist, and to stir up such hatred is most un-American.

Ellen Apple, Pikesville

Thank you for publishing "McCain's attacks fuel dangerous hatred."

Frank Schaeffer's words need to be heeded. The Republican campaign trail has become a dangerous and incendiary one filled with groundless hatred.

Where is the Republican leadership?

Lori Siskind, Narberth, Pa.

Incendiary rhetoric strains social fabric

Historically, in times of economic crises, racial and ethnic scapegoating becomes the default posture of the dominant group. Given that age-old dynamic, how irresponsible is it for the McCain campaign to fan the flames of racial animus and xenophobia ("Candidates favor attacks on behavior, character," Oct. 10)?

Can our fraying social fabric withstand an outbreak of racial violence sparked by incendiary political rhetoric?

Where is the conscientious national leadership, political and otherwise, that will denounce this dangerous and desperate rhetoric?

Arthur Pierce, Randallstown

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