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Stover will be fine

The Baltimore Sun

Four games into his 18th season, his 13th out of the 13 years the Ravens have been here, Matt Stover has missed three of his seven field-goal tries, all from beyond 40 yards. He stinks! He's washed up! Get him outta here!

A little hasty, isn't it?

Stover has earned a little more slack than four games. Never mind the records, the game-winners, the fact that for most of his time here he has been the entire offense.

Just take this season. He is not missing chip shots. Reports from within the team say he looks fine in practice all week and in pre-game warm-ups.

He also has been through this before, just not often. In 2005, he missed three in the opener against the Indianapolis Colts, and the calls to put him in a home rose again. From then until Week 2 of last season, he missed three total, out of 62.

Finally: Do you have a replacement for him ready to go, right now?

Stover has made us all take him and his skill for granted. Get someone who can duplicate his success over the next three years, much less 18, then get back to me.

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