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You won't be able to spot Priestley at old ZIP code

Beverly Hills' original sideburned heartthrob is back - sort of.

Jason Priestley has agreed to do an episode of 90210 later this season - but he'll be behind the camera, not in front of it.

Entertainment Weekly reports on its Web site that Priestley will helm this season's 18th episode, which is slated to air this spring.

Meanwhile, a 90210 insider also reveals that Priestley's TV sis, Shannen Doherty, is close to a deal to do two more episodes this season. Gabe Sachs, executive producer for the CW series, would only confirm that she's "in talks," but word is she'll be back.

Thanks, but no thanks

An attorney for Britney Spears has rejected a plea offer that would have placed her on a year's probation and forced her to pay a $150 fine in her misdemeanor driver's license case.

Attorney J. Michael Flanagan says Spears would consider an offer that reduces the charge to an infraction and requires her to pay a $10 fine. He says if the case does go to trial as scheduled this month, he will appeal any conviction.

He says that the 26-year-old singer is being unfairly targeted because she is a celebrity and that she doesn't deserve a blemish on her criminal record.

The charge is the last remnants of a criminal case that Los Angeles prosecutors lodged against Spears after she hit a parked car in August 2007 and left without notifying the owner.

Oh, those soccer moms

Liz Smith reports that the soccer moms in Hollywood are a bit vexed with Victoria Beckham.

When the former Spice Girl shows up for her son Romeo's soccer games, she has turned out in designer minidresses and spiky high heels. The other moms now want Posh to de-glam and de-posh and dress like they do in jeans and flip-flops or sandals.

They say when Posh steps in the mud, her shoes get stuck and she has to call for a bodyguard to lift her out, take the shoes from the mud, clean them, etc. So the moms would prefer that Posh "get down" and not be such a fashion plate.

New at the helm

Veteran Washington hand Ian Cameron was appointed Monday as the producer in charge of ABC's Sunday political talk show This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Cameron has been the Washington senior producer for ABC's World News for the past seven years. He started at ABC News in 1998 as a producer for the evening newscast, leading a team of investigative reporters.

He replaces Kathy O'Hearn, who is now producing special events in political coverage.

R.I.P. - yet again

Superman's dad has died again.

DC Comics has killed off Clark Kent's Earth father with a heart attack. In the latest edition out yesterday, Superman can't hear his mom's cries for help in time to save Jonathan Kent.

The TV Jonathan - played by John Schneider - died long ago on CW's Smallville.

In the original Superman tales of the 1940s, Clark Kent's parents died while he was a teen. And in the 1978 Superman movie that starred Christopher Reeve, Jonathan Kent, played by Glenn Ford, also died of a heart attack.


The long-awaited sequel to Bull Durham is finally getting off the ground, the New York Post reports. A spy tells the Post that Kevin Costner recently met with director Ron Shelton in Los Angeles to discuss reprising the role of carousing catcher Crash Davis from the 1988 baseball flick.

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are also expected to return as pitcher Nuke LaLoosh and baseball groupie Annie Savoy, who are now married and owners of a major league team that Costner manages. Kristen Kerr, recently seen on Dexter, is reportedly being considered for a role as one of Crash's love interests.


Singer Jackson Browne, 60.

TV personality Sharon Osbourne, 56.

Actor Tony Shalhoub, 55.

Actor Scott Bakula, 54.

Movie director Guillermo del Toro, 44.

Singer P.J. Harvey, 39.

Golfer Annika Sorenstam, 38.

Musician Sean Lennon, 33.

Actor Tyler James Williams, 16.

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