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A high time on 'Sarah'

The Baltimore Sun

Lots of sophomore series like ABC's Pushing Daisies are settling into their new season with second episodes tonight, but guess what, viewers don't seem to care. Second-year broadcast network series across the board are down from where they were last year.

Network viewers are going elsewhere for their prime-time pleasures, and one of those places is cable's Comedy Central, where The Sarah Silverman Show starts its second season tonight.

Silverman isn't for everyone, but those who get the offbeat comedian worship her the way some of us are worshiping Tina Fey these days. Think of Silverman as a female Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm), except that she is at least 30 years younger - and not as cranky, but definitely stranger.

Silverman's show follows a character named Sarah Silverman through her day - a period of time usually defined by the mundane and absurd.

In tonight's opener, Silverman smokes marijuana for the first time and leaves herself voice mails with all the "great" thoughts and ideas she is having while she is high. And then, she follows through on some of the ideas when she is straight.

Not the greatest premise, but again, if you're into Silverman, it will probably seem like genius. (10:30 p.m., Comedy Central) ** 1/2

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