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Bush gave us plenty of 'folksy' leadership

The description of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin "wriggling her nose to take the edge off her sharpest lines" conjured up an image of Elizabeth Montgomery on the TV show Bewitched ("Palin delivers charm, Biden dull substance," Oct. 3).

You can understand why Mrs. Palin won Miss Congeniality in her state beauty contest, and you can see why she was hired to be a sportscaster on a local news channel. But do we really want her to be our vice president?

We've had eight years of "folksy" with a down-home cowboy from Texas as our current president. And how has that worked out for the country?

Suzy Filbert, Baltimore

Charm won't solve nation's problems

The headline on the front page of Friday's Baltimore Sun says it all in a nutshell: "Palin delivers charm, Biden dull substance."

Charm won't solve any of the major issues facing our country today; substance (even dull substance) will.

Let's keep that in mind on Nov. 4.

Clyde R. Shallenberger, Towson

When did Sun decide substance is boring?

The devolution of The Baltimore Sun must be complete, for surely the paper can sink no lower than by printing the headline "Palin delivers charm, Biden dull substance" (Oct. 3).

What does it say about this country's attention span when a front-page article suggests that substantive debate is boring?

If, like Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Joe Biden could have wriggled his nose as he spoke, would the reporter have been more impressed? Or is cuteness only important in female candidates?

What will happen next?

Will The Baltimore Sun shy away from good grammar so as not to appear elitist? Will it start droppin' its G's to strike the folksy tone this country so admires?

And will some of The Baltimore Sun's longtime readers look elsewhere for intelligent commentary?

As Mrs. Palin would say, "You betcha!"

Carrie Montague, Sparks

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