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Tina Fey continues popular portrayal of Sarah Palin

NEW YORK: It's starting to feel like Tina Fey is running for vice president. Fey again returned to Saturday Night Live to play Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as the sketch comedy show continued to pull out all the stops in its election year season. Queen Latifah dropped by to portray Thursday's debate moderator, PBS's Gwen Ifill, and cast member Jason Sudeikis stepped into the role of Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. Saturday night's opening sketch of the VP debate appeared likely to garner buzz thanks to Fey's popular Palin impression.

Janet Jackson postpones three more concerts

GREENSBORO, N.C.: Janet Jackson has postponed three more shows because of an undisclosed illness. Her publicist said in an e-mail late Saturday that Jackson was postponing a Saturday show in Greensboro, N.C., one yesterday in Atlanta and a third tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale. A statement from Jackson said she arrived in Greensboro, N.C., hoping to perform there Saturday, but a local doctor advised that she not perform after it became "evident" she was not fully recovered. Representatives for the 42-year-old singer say she became "suddenly ill" and was hospitalized Monday night in Montreal shortly after she arrived for a show.

DreamWorks to split with Paramount

LOS ANGELES: Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks say they are formally separating following DreamWorks' deal to partner with Reliance Entertainment of India. In a statement yesterday, the companies' principals say DreamWorks will take the lead on some projects, which Paramount can choose to co-finance and co-distribute. Of the projects that remain at Paramount, the new company can co-finance those attached to DreamWorks' star director Steven Spielberg. Most DreamWorks employees are expected to be hired at the new company.


Actress Elisabeth Shue, 45.

Singer-songwriter Matthew Sweet, 44.

Country singer Tim Rushlow, 42.

Bassist Tommy Stinson, 42.

Actor Jeremy Sisto, 34.

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