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Marion Greenidge

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Marion Greenidge is a compliance associate at T. Rowe Price, but we think she knows how to make fashion comply as well. When we "glimpsed" her at Cibo Bar & Grille in Owings Mills, it was obvious the 29-year-old Randallstown resident had a flair and know-how to mix and match items to create her "fearless, chic, sexy, unique" style.

Age: : 29

Residence: : Randallstown

Job:: T. Rowe Price compliance associate

Self-described style: : "Fearless, chic, sexy, unique."

The look:: Light pink 3/4-length henley T-shirt. Black lace camisole. High-waisted and belted black cotton and Lycra pencil skirt. Black lace over light pink Guess pointy toe pumps. Small black leather clutch with chain and strap embellishment. Silver hoop earrings.

Where it came from: : The tee came from H&M.; The cami and pencil skirt were finds at Forever 21. She nabbed her pumps at Dillard's in Atlanta. She found the handbag at Target, and her earrings at a silver jewelry cart at Towson Town Center.

Fashion feels good: : "[Fashion is] very important. When you look good, you feel even better. It's all about feeling good in your own skin."

Shopping is about feeling, too: : "I shop whenever the mood strikes me. If I had to do the math, I would say twice a week. I shop just about everywhere. H&M;, Forever 21, New York & Co, Macy's, Nordstrom, American Eagle, J. Crew, Bare Feet, Hot Topic, Gap, Target, Urban Outfitters, Nine West, Guess, Arden B., Metro-Park. The list goes on and on. I don't think there is anywhere I won't shop. I love variety."

Shopping involves strategy: : "When I shop, I very rarely look for an outfit. I pick up what I like and put it together with something else later. It's like putting together a puzzle. Gather the pieces, look at them and put them together until they fit."

Style-wise, she was home-schooled: : "I would have to give credit to my grandmother for giving me a sense of style. She taught me to never be afraid to shop anywhere. Her No. 1 fashion rule is: Know how to mix and match."

Money matters, but it's not the mandate:: "Money isn't a huge factor. However, I try not to be frivolous. The sale rack is always your best friend, and I do things that make sense. If I can get the same shirt I saw at Macy's for $60 at Target for $20, I'm going to Target."

Her fashion "do's": : "Shoes are a major part of any outfit, so I try to take good care of them. Shoes that have the appearance of having been run over by a truck ruin your whole outfit. ... I love experimenting with color. Vibrant colors make a boring outfit "pop."

Her fashion "don'ts: : "I do not, under any circumstances, wear anything that is too small for me. Things that are too small make you feel uncomfortable and look sloppy. Another big "don't" for me is, over-accessorizing. Less is more."

Her fashion icon is Diana Ross' daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross: : "I love her fashion sense. She's always sophisticated and stylish. She almost never goes wrong."

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