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Sponsors help lift up John Carroll soccer

Following a match against the alumni, more than 350 people attended a bull roast/shrimp feast auction event Aug. 22 at Jarrettsville Gardens hosted by The John Carroll School Patriot Soccer Program.

All proceeds are being used to move one step closer to the vision of a better field and improvements; a vision of commitment to playing on a natural playing surface with a dedicated irrigation system and in time, European-style goals, sound systems, scoreboard for the varsity field, international style benches and bleachers.

With the girls team competing in the IAAM "A"and the boy's team competing in the MIAA "A" Conference, the highest level of competition in the mid-Atlantic, along with playing other area, regional and nationally ranked teams, the campus hosts some of the best soccer players in the nation every fall. This improved venue will add greater dimensions to hosting these quality events, allowing fans, youth coaches and players to see high-level soccer played right in their own community.

This alumni game and fundraising event illustrated a great example of John Carroll Soccer teamwork: players, alumni, faculty, families, friends and community coming together for a shared goal.

Sean Coomes of AI Business Solutions in Aberdeen provided a graphic rendering of the vision for the new field, which will be displayed at John Carroll's Open House on Oct. 26.

Simon Cotton

Men's Varsity Coach

Gary Lynch

Women's Varsity Coach

The John Carroll School

GOP convention an empowering experience

I have been reflecting upon my experience serving as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. What I witnessed in Minnesota was something that will certainly go down in history. Not only did I get to watch the first woman in history accept the Republican nomination for vice president, I also watched John McCain rally his party and ask all Americans to take a look at what he has to offer.

In a startling contrast to Barack Obama's acceptance speech, in which he listed a multitude of proposed government spending, McCain proclaimed, "All you ever asked of government is to stand on your side, not in your way."

This statement made me immediately think of President Ronald Reagan. Reagan's message of less government and more individual freedom forever changed our nation for the better. As a conservative, I applauded McCain's message. As a Republican, I rejoiced in the fact that our new standard bearer would take our party "back to basics." As an American, I merely breathed a sigh of relief.

While recognizing that millions of Americans are enduring hardships due to our economy, McCain delivered a positive message. Perhaps the most positive of his statements was, "Nothing is inevitable here. We're Americans, and we never give up. We never quit. We never hide from history. We make history."

I have to tell you that the crowd went wild at that line. This is the John McCain that we hoped would lead us to victory and to a better nation.

Meanwhile, Gov. Sarah Palin delivered something that I have never seen in person. She presented a flawless speech with unparalleled charm and tenacity.

Sarah Palin possesses a certain charisma with which most Americans can identify. As a mother of five, small business owner, former mayor, and now governor of Alaska, she is in a word: real.

This real woman has taken on some major issues and fought for the people she represented. She is the perfect running mate for a man like John McCain. Just as McCain has fought partisan duplicity and corruption in Washington, Palin has fought for the people of Alaska.

Clearly, this election is different from any in the past. We see some very different candidates. Different from candidates of the past, but also very different from each other. It seems to me that a person who desires a whole lot more government should go ahead and vote for Obama-Biden.

If you would rather empower people than bureaucrats, then a vote for McCain-Palin would suit you. I would submit that the McCain-Palin ticket is the real opportunity for change. We can finally bring Washington to its senses. Spending cuts will be made a priority. Most importantly, we can finally work toward getting government out of our way.

Michael A. Geppi

Delegate, Republican National Convention

Chairman, Harford County Republican Party

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