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Make the Mechanic a relic of memory

I've read with interest of the discussions about saving the Morris A. Mechanic Theater, a grotesque example of public-building-as-urban-fortress ("Saving the Mechanic," Sept. 28).

Ugly when it was built, it served as a cold and unfriendly public space for many years. It was never quite clear why anyone imagined that the urban canyon it is part of could serve as the centerpiece of an urban renaissance.

Of course, there are practical reasons to save the Mechanic. But aesthetic reasons?

Designed to withstand the worst that decaying urban America had to offer in 1960s, it is a thing of the past.

Let it live on in memory - and only there.

John Walsh, Catonsville

Murderous choices no reason to ban guns

The writer of the letter "After Harris' murder, can we get rid of guns?" (Sept. 26) suggests that because Kenneth N. Harris Sr. was gunned down, we should "get the guns off the streets."

Let me start by expressing my sympathy for the family of Mr. Harris, his friends and the citizens of his community. It is sad that he was murdered by someone with a gun, and it hurts the city. That said, it is a simple fact that people kill people, guns do not kill people. Someone must pull the trigger; someone must make the decision to kill.

The American people have a right to keep and bear arms. They do not have a right to kill.

But the fact that a few bad people use guns to kill innocent human beings does not mean we should take away everyone's right to keep and bear arms.

The U.S. Constitution means something, and we can't dismantle it because of someone's misguided choice to use a gun.

Victor Henderson, Glen Burnie

Some liberal policies work very effectively

State Sen. Andy Harris needs to stop his television advertisements that state, "Liberal policies never work," or explain why he would have not voted for the Pure Food and Drug Act, the Social Security Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act or the laws that created the Medicare and Medicaid systems.

Perhaps Mr. Harris would have fought against our Founding Fathers and their liberal idea, the American Revolution.

Jim Hejl, Baltimore

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