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HEY JAMISON: : Will the Ravens make an attempt to acquire a veteran QB like Jeff Garcia from Tampa Bay? I really like [Joe] Flacco, but with the start the team is having this year, we have a chance to do something special this season. Why not bring in a veteran and let Flacco go to backup and try and learn from someone who has experience?


Paul Bray, Reisterstown

HEY PAUL: : The Ravens did exactly that just before the season when they signed Todd Bouman. He's a 12-year veteran who has played for six NFL teams. He fits this role perfectly. Unlike Jeff Blake (whose goal was to unseat a young Chris Redman in 2002), Bouman is a voice of experience for Flacco, one who won't try to undermine the first-round pick in order to take over the starting job. That might not have been the case if the Ravens signed Chris Simms or Joey Harrington. It'll be interesting to see how they address the backup position this offseason. The Ravens could re-sign Bouman, go with Troy Smith as the top backup or upgrade the spot by signing a more high-profile veteran free agent.


HEY JAMISON: : What is up with the Ravens uniforms recently? I noticed that they have been wearing the white jerseys more often than not, and this has been whether or not they are away (normal) or whether they are home (which is not the norm). Also they have chosen to wear the white jerseys in the opening Week 1 game, with black pants. Is this a statement by the new Harbaugh era or what? Can you shed some light on their intentions behind what they have been doing, and what they plan to wear in the upcoming weeks?

Alex Beigel, Baltimore

HEY ALEX: : The NFL rule is that the home team chooses whether to go with its colored jersey or white one. The Ravens traditionally wear the purple jersey at home, but they decided to go with the new look of the white top and black pants. Some coaches prefer to wear white at home when the weather is warmer. The decision-making isn't very intricate with the Ravens. Longtime equipment manager Ed Carroll sends an e-mail to owner Steve Bisciotti, coach John Harbaugh and other team officials on the uniform preference for the upcoming home game. If someone feels strongly about it, that's the choice. The Ravens are expected to wear only purple and white jerseys this year. There are no plans for the all-black look this season.

HEY JAMISON: : Yes, the Ravens are 2-0. Wins are wins. But given the poor clock management at the end of the first half of the Ravens' victory over the Bengals on Sept. 7, they could easily be 1-1 if the Bengals were any good. Twice Ray Rice ran the ball out of bounds. The Ravens eventually kicked a field goal and gave the ball back to the Bengals who now had enough time to score before halftime. If those run plays would have stayed inbounds, the Bengals would have had to use their last time out, and they would NOT have had that much time left. Who is in charge of the clock management?

Don Majka, Ocean City, Md

HEY DON: : You're right that Rice went out of bounds twice just inside the two-minute warning to stop the clock. The first time, Rice had cut upfield but was knocked out of bounds by a hit. On the second run, Rice probably should have stayed inbounds. Sure, the coaching staff could have controlled this by calling for runs in between the tackles. But at that point, the Ravens were inside the red zone and were looking to score a touchdown, not take seconds off the clock.