Weekend worth watching

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Biting comedy, award-winning reality TV and the start of a new season for a great family drama are available this weekend.

CHRIS ROCK IS BACK TV comedy does not get much better than Chris Rock's HBO shows. Premium cable has the freedom not to bleep Rock, and that makes a difference. The language that some consider harsh is crucial to the biting edge that Rock brings to his keen social insights. (9 p.m. tomorrow, HBO) ***

"THE AMAZING RACE" BEGINS AGAIN The reality show that keeps winning Emmys returns for a new season on CBS. (8 p.m. Sunday, CBS)

"BROTHERS AND SISTERS" No major Emmys for this family drama, but it is nevertheless one of the finest series on television. Its writers include celebrated playwrights, and from Sally Field to Rachel Griffiths, the show offers a who's who of great actresses. It's back for a new season, and prime-time TV is better for it. (10 p.m. Sunday, ABC) ***

TONIGHT'S LATE-NIGHT GUESTS Actress Kristen Wiig and athlete Lance Armstrong visit The Late Show with David Letterman. Jennifer Hudson performs and talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel visits The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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