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Blowout blues

If the Rams get blown out in Seattle today, coach Scott Linehan might not make it to Week 4. The Rams have been outscored 79-16 and rank last in the NFL in offense and defense. They've lost six in a row and 15 of their past 18 games. What's more, they haven't run an offensive play in the red zone this season. And last week, new owner Chip Rosenbloom promised changes if things don't improve soon.

Mixed identity

Coach Eric Mangini wanted the Jets to become a running team this season but then skewed the plan by trading for Brett Favre. Now, apparently the Jets don't know what they are. Last week, Mangini was criticized for conservative play-calling in a loss to the Patriots. Instead of letting Favre throw with a first down at New England's 3-yard line, the Jets ran Thomas Jones three times in a row for a net of no gain.

Blind passion

Ed Hochuli's reputation as a referee was top-notch until last Sunday, when he missed an obvious fumble by Jay Cutler in Denver, whistled the play dead and effectively stole the game from the Chargers. Worse, it was the second big ruling of the day the officials gave to the Broncos. Because of faulty replay equipment, they failed to overturn an earlier bad call on an interception returned for a Broncos touchdown.

Reversed field

Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson got a vote of confidence from his coach last Sunday after a tough loss and the hook Wednesday, when Brad Childress benched his starter for longtime journeyman Gus Frerotte. Jackson, from Alabama State, couldn't get the passing game going last week even when the Colts loaded the box with eight defenders. Frerotte, 37, will try to revive the Vikings.

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